Frequently Asked Questions

The Tree of Life in Bahrain
The Tree of Life in Bahrain

Is this website a travel blog or a news site? It’s more of a blogazine. We have deliberately avoided making this a personal travel blog. Sharing other people’s stories is important to us.

How often do you add new stories? The Travel Tribune is a small operation. We’re hoping to add at least one new, original story every Saturday. If you would like to be informed about our latest updates, please subscribe by using the box in the sidebar of this page.

Why are your stories long? Although many in modern-day society seem to have developed a shorter attention span, we believe there are still people who enjoy reading about topics in greater detail.

Are any of your stories reposts from other websites? No. The content on this site is all original.

Do you accept money or compensation for your reviews? No.

Do you visit all the places you review? Yes.

Why don’t you have a comments section? We are in agreement with a large number of media organizations that excessive trolling has rendered the comments section untenable. Those who wish to comment on any aspect of our website can contact us or express their opinions on social media.

What is the pyramid picture on the home page? The picture was taken at the southwest corner of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico. If you are viewing this website on a smartphone, the photo is not visible.

How did you build this website? The domain is hosted by Bluehost. The editor created the site by using WordPress in conjunction with a template and various plugins. Some manual tweaks were made to the CSS. This was all accomplished with little web design experience, almost no outside help, enormous amounts of patience, and several bottles of ibuprofin.